Freenove ESP32-S3-WROOM CAM Board on my bike


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Dec 8, 2023
I bought the "Freenove ESP32-S3-WROOM CAM Board" and installed it on my bike. I connected it to the 6V light output of the battery and started the camera through the LCD by turning on light. I opened my iPhone and entered the address: , and that's how I get the video feed. This way, when I ride my bike, I can see if anything is approaching. A good thing for a safety, I must say.

There are multiple resolutions to choose from, but I'm satisfied with 640x480. Occasionally, there's a brief pause in the video, lasting half a second or less sometimes, but I'm completely satisfied with everything, including the quality of the streaming video.

I also have a radar, but I feel more comfortable on the bike watching streaming video.

This is just my little test, and I believe there should be more products like this on the market at an affordable price, with a plug-and-play setup.





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doesnt a mirror have better resolution?

(but this could be useful for continuous recording)
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doesnt a mirror have better resolution?
I think I have better focus on the road when cycling with my iPhone in front of me, where I can see everything that is happening behind me all the time, compared to using a mirror that a person checks occasionally. By this, I mean that even with the worst camera, the resolution is better for me than with a mirror.