help recommend a <250W mid-drive and battery or e-bike


10 µW
Apr 17, 2016
Los Angeles
Looking for a low power, small battery setup for my kid's bike. 68mm bb shell.
I would like a 250w or smaller and inexpensive battery. Not concerned with range.
I have a 750w bafang mid drive that I like for my bike. Of course anything of that size is overkill.

I found a bafang mid drive36v 250w or 350w for the same price ($500). Should I get the 350 and just use the lowest setting? Figure it may last longer or be built better.
this is the cheapest battery I found on Amazon, I like that it has a case already
36v 8ah for $170

But total, it's creeping on $700-800.

Should I get a small e-bike instead? any recommendations if so - 10-13yrs old?
Thanks for any suggestions.
What size bike? I would look at a cheap hub drive kit and a water cage battery. Upp has a 7ah one for $134. Golden Motor, from Canada, has a 250 watt hub kit for $315.
The 250 and 350 bafang bbs is the same build.can adjust 250w controller up to least on my version from
BBS02B from is about $375 shipped. Nice deal, because mine cost $440 in January. Get the programming cable and dial it down the power.

Or buy a small folder ebike, but they're heavy. You can migrate the BBS02B to a bigger bike in a few years. I was going to electrify a bike for my grandkid, but our state laws say she is too young. All the kids ride e-scooters anyway. I'm sure that's not legal either.