Help Reprogramming Bafang mid drive BBS02B.


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Aug 31, 2021
I would like to alter the programming on the bafang on the semi recumbent enduro HP trike but need some help. The e bike place I got it from initially altered the parameters but they don't quite work, they said they would talk me through it so as to not do anything that may damage it but are now closed down. They set it so level 1 was more of a walking speed and there's a UK ebike road legal speed on it despite having the higher torque/Watts.

I have chronic fatigue syndrome/ME and dysautonomia so I was looking for pedal assist, enough power/torque for hills and to use just the throttle without any human input when I need to (frequently). Used off road in the forest and mountains and along old railway lines or North Wales country lane roads. Used to go for bike rides or like a wheelchair to go hiking with someone else walking.
  • I am finding that the level one, although it is good to get going from standstill, it is too slow to go for a 'walk' with someone. The person is walking faster than the trike and level 2 for a walk is too fast (on the flat). I was hoping to go walking speed using just the throttle without having to start/stop on the throttle.
  • Level one as a pedal assist does nothing to aid me but level two takes over completely especially along the railway line and even at local forestry track.
  • I am finding that the other levels, 2 and above, are set too strong so that even on level two in the hardest hub gear and hardest gear, the motor is doing all of the work rather than assisting and the person I am with is way behind. Unless on a steep hill, then level 2 is assist but.
  • I am rarely selecting over level 5. There are 9 levels.
  • I have the UBS programming cable so have included some images of what it is currently set to.
  • Bafang mid drive BBS02B 48V 750W with a thumb throttle. DPC-18 Colour screen. Speed Sensor Extension Cable 600mm. Bafang Gear Change Sensor. 48V 22.5Ah Downtube eBike Battery
  • So far I have ridden along forest tracks including up steep hills (lots where I live) and along old railway lines.
I was wondering if I can alter this myself and if so what settings to use.
Secondly a local shop has said the following but I still need the high torque for hills when under throttle assist only so I am not sure if this would reduce that capability?- 'we think the solution would be to retard the motor power down to either 500w or 250w if the settings on the 750w are overtaking your own input'.
Thank you for your help.


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Yes, you can do this by trial and error to your own satisfaction, if you have installed the programming software. By the way, all of our speed limits are referenced to what was set in your display for the maximum speed, so you should note what that is,

For the third screen, the level 1 speed limit is 10%. If your bike's speed limit is set to the UK limit of what 16 km/hour, you want this higher. Your current limit of 5% is really low too. Try 8-10% with a speed limit of 15%, Ride the bike, Adjust as needed. You will be lowering the current and maybe the speed limit on level 2 in the same test and try fashion,

If you save the original file after you first hookup the USB cable and read the motor, you can always go back to them as a reference point.