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Keyde Rear Hub Motor "Dynamic torque sensing system"

Major Clod

1 mW
Mar 6, 2021
Does anyone here know much about the Keyde P100 and P110 rear hub motors,which differ from their regular hub motors due to having a "dynamic torque sensing system"?

Just trying to understand what that means in practice? Is there some sort of strain gauge in the hub to detect how much pedal force is going onto the cassette from the chain? Or just some fancy torque simulation mode based on cadence.

These hubs are appealing to me with both the integrated controller and potential torque sensing mode, as I'm planning to use them on 24" and 26" kids bikes, and want to be able to add/remove them quickly to switch between regular / ebike setups without dealing with extra controllers, cadence sensors, etc.

If anyone has experience riding or using these, or just general knowledge about them, I'd love to hear from you!
Ebike have can different type of sensors that make them more or less intelligent. PAS sensor is often installed at the crankset and tell the controller that you are turning the pedal, and at what speed. This is the most basic sensor. Some motor have speed sensor. The P100 and P110 motor have built in sensor in the motor instead of the crankset. There is a power (torque ) sensor, and also a slope sensor. This tell the motor what is the effort that you put on the pedal, and if you are in a slope or on the flat. It then can make an intelligent decision to assist you with the wright amount of power for a more natural feel. Torque sensor are seen on more expensive ebike.

I just have received a P100 kit and will be testing it in the next few day.