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LightningRods mid drive kit

Skaiwerd said:
Can a temp sensor be added to the xxl motor? Is there a way to easily connect it to an analog (or digital) gauge w/o needing a cycle analyst
2 XXL big blocks powering a smart car? Maybe? Unconfirmed it’s 1500-1800 lbs.
Yes there are stand alone digital temperature gauges that will work with any of my motors.
Two XXLs will move a 1500 lb car, but with 50 HP and 100 ft lbs combined performance will be modest.
A gearbox would effectively double the power of the motors. That combo would be more fun. Or four XXLs. 😊
Thanks for that information. It helps with my encouragement. I was ass dragging on this project thinking I needed a 20 y/o+ car to skip the recertification process. I’m I’m not up for red tape headaches. The answer is to register it in Vermont. I’m in CT. You don’t have to live in VT to register your car there.
I was originally thinking hub motors for this.


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anyone know what voltage supply the hall sensor on the big block motor needs? my controller has a 3.3v and 5v output
TBH I’ve never seen a 105T 219. The largest I’ve found are 96T. The diameter of a 120T 219 is 11.7” by the way.
The 24F Nucular is plenty of controller. You might be okay at 7:1 considering how light your bike is. Top speed will be around 55 mph @ 20S.

Do you have any of these mounting brackets by themselves for sale. I'd like to move the motor up the downtube (not in the triangle) maybe 1.5 to 2.0 inches so that a standard Hollowtech II crankset can fit w/o the right crank hitting the motor's sprocket. That would also allow for the drive chainring to be more than 46T (I got the non-belted motor from a different vendor) and also fix the chainline a lot; it's way over toward the lower cogs due to the 148mm asymmetrical bb. Any suggestions appreciated. Here are also a couple links to the motor clones:

L-Faster 450W Mid-Drive (discontinued, they use it as a side-drive instead)

E-Bay - Dome Motor 450W Mid-drive...it is in stock --- most of the kit is worthless