octalink torque sensor


10 mW
Jan 13, 2013
I'm looking for a octalink bottom bracket torque sensor, but I can't find it.
Where could I buy it?
Does it even exist?
It's like this one but for octalink:
I seem to remember that Paul @ Revel Bikes was working on an octalink torque sensing bb for his mid drive kits? I don't think he is making the kits anymore but you might search on here about it?
Octalink cranks are a slow acting curse. Get rid of that garbage and start over with something better (which would be practically any other kind of cotterless crank).

When your Octalink spline fails (and it will), you'll feel like a dummy getting another one to go with your obsolete bottom bracket-- if there even is such a thing as an Octalink torque sensor.
Octalink is an old interface that is somewhat rare these days. I don't know anyone that ever made a torque sensor for them. There are a few ISIS sensors out there, but all I have seen are single sided (measuring left leg torque only), except for a few that use larger diameter BB shells, like T47. This is due to the extra space need for 2 sided sensing and the ISIS spindle being larger diameter.

I never got far with my own sensor. In general, you have to be producing 500+ units for prices to be reasonable.