One seater mini electric jet boat


1 µW
Oct 17, 2023
Hey all, for some time now i have been toying with the idea of building a one seater electric jet boat. Recently i cam across this youtube video and its the perfect craft that i want to build.

I have been trying to find as much information as possible e.g motor size, esc, battery, Jetdrive size. But i am not having much luck. So i am wondering if anyone has seen this boat before and if anyone knows any more about it?
Is it this one .?….
15 kW motor
72 v, 5.1 kWh battery
52 km/h
$5000 +/-?
I have been following a few youtube builders of jets for a while YOUNGSTERS JETS worth a look.
Jet Surfboards as well.
The reality is it takes a lot of power to drive a boat at speed. Battery won't take long to deplete.
I have a SS motor (56123 KV500) that I hope to run high volts and gear down onto a 80mm 3D printed jet.
A example of this motor on youtube, direct drive on 60mm jets
He has issues with amps.
Maybe a kayak or build a mini max seaflea.
Once you do your power calculations against your run time it is hard to justify a high speed project. Where will you recharge it between runs?
Most of these jetboats use a jetski drive train. Once you get the miniboat (can buy kits for any size boat) you will need to mount a jetski pump and motor. I would recommend a yamaha 155mm pump because they are great and cheap. This thread may help you grasp how to setup.