Problem after Flashing tsdz2 and lcd3


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Aug 4, 2019
After flashing both tsdz2 moror controler and lcd lcd3 with version v0.19
I cut the original vlcd5 cable and connected the lcd3 after this diagram
lcd3 to 8pin cabel.
KT-LCD3 -> 8 wire color (throttle)
red to blue
blue to red
black to black
green to brown
yellow to yellow

But when I power up and press ON the display only show the full screen every thing lights up and just stay like that.

What did I do wrong ?

best regards
Only relying on the wire colors is always a bit tricky.
I am unfamiliar with the setup, but what is the LCD-3 display suposed to show when there is no communication with the motor?
Maybe it's doing a display test (all digits on) untill it receives it's first data packet from the motor? (Just a wild guess)
It's also possible that the display wasn't flashed correctly and that the display firmware isn't running.
Have you ever powered it with it's original firmware to see if it was working with that? It could have been defective when you got it.
Some of the connections like gnd can be traced. Once you have gnd you can find the one with the battery voltage coming from the motor. There is another one that get's the battery voltage when the display is turned on and is used to inform the motor controller to wake up. Finally, there are the 2 TXD and RXD RS232 communication lines. The voltage on those should never be higher than 5V.
If you misconnect gnd or battery voltage, you likely will see some magic smoke and nothing on the display. Don't start experimenting with those connections.
Thanks for the reply obcd
It turned out to be the flashing of the LCD3 that was wrong so its now exchanging data.