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Ridehax Podcast (was :Endless Sphere Podcast / Ebike Nerdcast)

danielrlee said:
I've uploaded the four salvageable audio files to the following link:


Thanks Dani! Better than nothing for sure. Definitely makes me a little Nostolgic for the early days of ebike hacking.
marty said:
How to save this in my computer? I don't know?

Hmm. Normally you can just right click on any of the six links at the bottom of my post and choose "save link as". For some reason this doesn't work for those links (it has for other WM content before). :?

Ah...found that if you just open the link normally, then in the vertical ... menu on the right end of the player that comes up, you can choose "download". It's pretty slow, but it works. :)

I'm sure that somewhere I have the episode you did with me, but it's not on this computer, so probably on an old HDD somewhere in my boxes of old HDDs. :/