46v Lithium-ion battery from a Jetson Ryder Pro to a Razor Rambler 16


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Jan 11, 2024
San Diego
Is it possible to switch to 46v Lithium-ion battery from a Jetson Ryder Pro scooter and attach it to a Razor Rambler 16 without needed a new controller??? I do plan on upgrading that and the motor but need to figure out the battery part first. I know the rambler has more wires so what should I do??? Also it’s my first one I’m upgrading and want to make sure I do it right the first time to keep me motivated on doing more. Also any suggestions on what kind of controller would also be most helpful


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Since this is in the Bike Mechanical & Structural forum, I'm guessing you've already verified that the batteries are electrically compatible (voltage, current ratings, connectors, etc) and the one you're moving over is capable of running the one your moving it to without being damaged by that. (if you haven't done that, it's the first step; we'd need you to post all the specs (voltages V, currents A, capacities Ah, current limits A, etc) of the systems and batteries on each one before we can help you with that).

If it's not about the structural or mechanical part of doing this, then we can move this thread over to the appropriate scooter forum (since neither of those pictures shows a bicycle).

For physically moving it over (which is what this forum would cover), that depends on your DIY skills, which we don't know anything about yet. ;)

You'd need to build and install a mount of some kind for it that is capable of handling the weight, and prevents it from falling off or presumably from being removed by someone else while you're parked somewhere that it has to be left unattended. The mount may also have to have connectors on it to electrically connect it to the controller/etc, depending on how the battery itself is designed.

As for "more wires", you'd need to specify *exactly* what you are referring to, with pictures and explanations of exactly what you are showing us with the pictures.
Lynn,brotha ya need to make a road trip.

I am just getting over Covid, and I have to do a spring cleaning run at the house before it drives me batty, but I will be back to full time stripping batteries out and turning them back into other packs. I would have no problem letting you make your own unit here. Hell I will even let ya have access to supplies at cost...

But I have to be very firm about this, the Jetson battpack stays home ::grins::