Bafang M600 settings need help for disable handcycles

Nov 12, 2022
We are more than happy to pay someone to sort this out for us.

We are three quadriplegics using electric hand cycles we have installed the bafang M600 mid drive but we are too weak to engage torque sensor properly and it requires too many rotations of the handles to engage the motor.
We have the bafang Besst tool... We can see that torque sensor is set to 750 we would like to lower the setting as well as lowering the setting on the speed for the motor engagement at this stage it's 10km an hour if we could also lower the cadence needed to power the motor that would be great. We want a more significant difference in assisting levels. At this stage we have them set to just three and for us all three are the same we can hardly notice any difference.
We need someone to rewrite the firmware for us so we can upload it using the Besst tool.


100 W
Feb 28, 2020
A literal re-writing of the firmware from scratch would be an immense effort. I don't think anyone has even began to tackle that. If source code were available, that would simplify things, but it is not. You might try contacting Bafang, sometimes they can offer special firmware. There are also other firmware versions available. Since you have the BESST, you could try uploading those and see if anything works better.

You might also join the M500/M600 thread here and list your wants/needs there. They might be able to work into some 'third party' controllers under development.