Can't choose motor


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Apr 4, 2021
I'm in the process of building a gokart and I can't choose a motor. Now it's between 3 different motors

1: qs 138 90h
2: qs 138 90h liquid cooled
3: qs 180 90h

This build would need about 30 ish kw of peak power, and my question is will the normal qs138 90 be able to hold this power level for a usable amount of time.

Would the liquid 138 or 180 be better and by how much?

I'm also planning to use a vesc controller (hesc) so any opinions on that would also be appreciated.

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Look from 3:36min for a size and weight (double) comparison between the QS138 and QS180. You want the QS180 90H to be able to have the most chance of keeping the motor from melting at 30kW for any serious amount of run time.

Read through this thread of member Nuxland and see the evolution of his electric go kart build:

Look what a maxed out QS180 90H can do in a short burts of max power:

E-Max said:
this person used a qs 180 90h with ND961800 pushing around 100kw! that would be pretty insane on a shifter kart