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[CLAIMED - pickup in Brooklyn] 48V TSDZ2 kit from Eco-Ebikes with open source firmware (motor currently not running)


1 µW
May 23, 2023
Brooklyn, NY
I'm giving away a 48V TSDZ2 kit with open source firmware and 860C display. The motor is currently not working and I'm hoping someone else has the skills to make use of it. Pickup in Brooklyn, NY only (no shipping).

I bought the kit in August 2021 and used it until April 2023. I probably put around 2,000 miles on it before it stopped working.
First, the motor stopped providing any power while riding. The walk assist still moved the chain but slowly and with the speed fluctuating. The motor was also providing quite a lot of resistance to pedaling, even when completely off (battery disconnected).
I opened the motor up from both sides to check the gears but they seemed fine. (On the chainwheel side, I took off the chainwheel and cover to check the very large and very small gear. On the other side, I took out the motor component to check the PEET gear.)
I didn't investigate further and switched to a different motor.

Here are the details (everything included but no battery):
  • Motor Type: 48v/52v
  • Display: 860c
  • Cranks: Straight 170mm Right Crank Upgrade
  • Bottom Bracket: (Stock) 68-73mm
  • Gear: PEEK
  • Chain Ring(s): (Stock) 42T Chainring w/ Guard
  • Cooling Mod: Pre-Installed Cooling Mod
  • Temperature Sensor (Replaces Throttle): No Thanks, I'll Keep the Throttle Function
  • Wiring Harness: 1 T 1
  • Add a 6v Light Port w/ Wiring Harness: Yes - Add a Dual Port Speed Sensor w/ F + R (Rack Mount) Light Kit
  • Two 12" speed sensor extension cables
2023-08-05 15.35.34.jpg
2023-08-05 15.35.47.jpg