K1 CAN Monitor - Bafang CAN speed unlocker


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Feb 12, 2015
Hello ebikers and builders

K1 eBikes presents portable and simple K1 CAN Monitor for speed unlocking :bolt: . Works ONLY with Bafang motors with CAN bus (green connector to display with "house" shape connector - see picture).
Tested with M300, M420, M500, M510, M600, M615, M620.

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- Idea was to monitor motor temperature, then I have added also other monitor parameters: Speed, Energy consumption per km, Voltage, Current, Power, Used energy over coulomb counter (SOC should be more accurate), Temperature of stator windings and controller.
- Also can easily setup max assistance speed, wheel size and circumference. :flame:
- Rechargeable battery (works cca 8h on one charge, or can be run also from USBC). :lowbatt:
- After unlocking no need to have installed device on an ebike
- You can still put back original speed. Bafang is not loging this, so in a service wont notice.
- You can change wheel circumference if not accurate against GPS speed
- Check youtube links how it works - very simple, just few clicks.
- No need to buy BESST Bafang programmer and have trouble to get password.
- No need to cable motor to computer.
- You can unlock Bafang motor to your friends around you

If you interested send an email to CanMon@K1eBikes.sk with your shipping address. Will naswer any questions. Sold 32 pieces with 100% customer satisfaction. Please be patient, I am building it by hand, only 8 pieces left.

CANMon s logom.jpg

Price: 135 Eur, Free Shipping in EU (International shipping +5e). Payment over PayPal, bank transfer or we can make a deal also over crypto.

This device will be discontinued soon, last 8 pcs.

Lot of thanks emails upon delivery from customers:
Hello Dado,

I received the package Saturday.
It was very easy to use. Just like you described.

Thank you.

Kind regards


Hello Drahomir, ....the little box arrived today. Your monitor works. Thank's for your performance. If you need help, write me. You are a good person!
With best regards,
your friend Tobi


Hi Dado

So you know I have received the K1 CAN Monitor and it works really nice!!
The buttons are easy pressed with my finger :)

Thanks again for the service and have a nice day :)


K1 CAN Monitor is determined for testing purpose only. Device is not waterproof.
One disadvantage - small buttons - you can get used to it or use pen if you have big fingers. ;)

CAN speed unlocking screen
[youtube]6z3TzEqNWsQ [/youtube]

Parameters monitoring


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Yes, also with M800, as far as I know new versions of this motor are also CAN bus.
Few microcontrollers should be with me on 12.9. and I can ship.
I bought one and like it a lot. Unlocked the top speed in half a minute but still use it here and there to check temperatures on some of my rides! Very cool device!
goa604 said:
I bought one and like it a lot. Unlocked the top speed in half a minute but still use it here and there to check temperatures on some of my rides! Very cool device!

Thanks mate for kind words and review. Yes, that was my intention to make it simple. To avoid messing with Besst, last time Besst was not even compatible with BBS02 motor and recently my password for Besst was blocked.

Only that small display, will try to design and code bigger display in future.
Check new CanMon 2 on Patreon. In progress...