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My econo-e-bike

Cable sleeves are like sequined panties. Great if you're in that line of work, otherwise an annoying waste of time.
I was staring at my maze of cables, while sitting on a bench taking a break. What a mess. At this point I'll take sequined panties, covering up streaks in the underwear lol.

I'm also going to vinyl wrap my triangle battery. Still deciding on what though.

The shark got a lot of attention from the kids on the bike trail...

Nobody really got the whole ebike on fire thing....

I'm thinking either just a plain carbon fiber pattern that might be boring without some other graphics, or maybe a skunk works theme....
Skunkworks 2 Right.jpg
You now me.... :) Just carbon.
You have more colors of carbon vinil, like grey... black and dark grey is a nice color for a battery box.
The sleeves is very demanding to install, but the result....its beautiful.
Take care.
I decided to get the good stuff after I do my rewiring/recabling so got some cheap split loom stuff for now. Definitely doesn't look as nice as the good stuff though, but better than the wire mess.

Here's before and after pics of how the sequined panties fit, lol.