Opening microwave and induction stove to cut fan n buzzer noise.

Apr 25, 2014
The microwave beeps loudly with every button push. It makes three beeps when the food is done. It makes the same 3 maybe a minute later if I don’t open the door to take the food out. This is silent but only 100$
but I have a microwave already (

Cant I unplug it 👀, open it, and find a buzzer I can clip?

The induction oven fan goes on as soon as the oven turns on and stays on for about 40 seconds regardless of if anything were cooked or not.

I’m hoping to replace the fan in the oven with some thick copper plate or something. Every model is different and maybe with mine this wouldn’t be possible, but what have you found?

At least the microwave fan turns off when it’s not cooking.
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From the user manual : long press on 8 three seconds, it makes a long beep and turns off the sound.