Thoughts or Info on Brushless Gearless Mini Hub Motor CST


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Jul 31, 2011
San Diego California
I wanted to post up and see if anyone has ordered or used one of these yet. I've seen the Bafang geared CST motors but this is the first time I've seen a direct drive CST compatible rear hub motor. I'm thinking of running it at 48v and possibly 40A (Hua Tong) on a hard tail MTB for offroad trail riding. Or, maybe running it on 36v and 40A. I like the idea of it being small for that stealth factor. I've read that off road use using a geared hub motor might not work as well as a direct drive.

Do these mini direct drive hub motors perform comparably to a 9c? I know the OD is much larger on the 9c's but does the extra stator width on these minis make up for the smaller diameter? Do they melt down quicker?

What are your thoughts on this motor?

Info from the link.

2013 New Brushless Gearless Mini Hub Motor 48V 350W for Rear Wheel Compatible Shiman.10 Speed or Cmpagnol.11 Speed.
Voltage: 48V
Power: 350W
Motor Type: Brushless Gearless Mini Hub Motor
Motor Net Weight: 4.6kgs
Motor Net Weight(with Speed Gear and Disc Brake Roto): 5.13kgs
Motor Diameter: 148mm
Motor Shaft Diameter: M14
Motor Shaft Length: 214.55mm
Motor Cable Length: 110cm
Hall Sensor Quantity: 3pcs
Max. Speed: 300RPM
Max. Torque: 15N.M
Magnet Body Size: 42*11.65*11.65mm
Hard to tell for sure if the meangearless as in a Direct Drive, or gearless as in the Tonxgen Roller motors. If its truely a direct drive, it might be interesting.

But it's a 350 watt motor. For trail riding, it's going to Suck. It will suck tripple hard if it's a direct drive, small diameter, 350 watt motor.

One of my favorite motors is an old Clyte 40X. it's a smaller diameter direct drive, about the size of a MAC. It takes 3000 watts to get it to pull up a hill as well as a 9C at just 2000 watts. The Clyte is a great little motor that can take some serious abuse, but it takes serious abuse to make it perform off road.