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Tsdz2 firmware open source adapted to vlcd5, vlcd6 and xh18

Mar 5, 2018
I ask for information on the software modified by marcoq on Casahino project.
Marcoq is busy for work in this period, maybe some users can help me. I loaded his software on a tsdz2 at 48v. Motor works , however, when it reaches its maximum power, it goes into Cut off, that is, it turns off temporarily and moves in tears. It is not the battery. The display And the watt meter does not turn off. The defect occurs whatever the ampere levels set in the parameters. Does it happen to someone else? The engine is new and with the original rom it went perfectly.
Could you plz post your set up in "data memory " tab ?

In fact basicly the firmware was adapted to VLCD6, it run also with VLCD5 .
Ok i try...I have use java front-end and i have Done many experiment
Max battery current limit i have tried 15,17,20,30a
The same in max battery current
Max battery power 600,800,1200w
Even whith Low amp there is a Cut off when the motor reach max power
I try to ad a file of An exemple
Not sure if this will help, but I was experiencing exactly the same issue you have described, I then received my KT-LCD3 screen so set that up and moved to the OpenSource firmware with LCD3 and its working perfectly. so I would say it does look like an issue with that specific build for some reason. I kept swapping between this and the stock firmware that also had no issues.
You have error
0x004003 max is 18A you have 20A ( 14 exa ) soo max must be 12 in exa

may be somme other error i will check later

edit :
Sorry mistake from me .
soo if your batterie can give 20A it s OK .

0x004021 you have 01 witch mean you enabled " default value temperature limit features " dont thinck could be the problem .

other parameters are ok

I m using marqoc data with a 36V motor and 11S battery and first test with 10S battery, never experimented problems .
thank you for your interest! i have traied whith 15a , bike it's very slow but the cut-off remain! :(
Hello, andrea_104kg if it is possible I will recommend you that you edit the first post with a resume of the marcoq project.

Because I understand this will be the post about the firmware of casainho that marcoq has adapted to vlcd displays.

Sorry by my language I'm spanish citizen.

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ok, but what title? the post it's open to any problem of this software... not only my problem, but if you have an idea... i dont' know it's possible to change title....
thank you for your interest! i have traied whith 15a , bike it's very slow but the cut-off remain!

sorry it was my mistake, i edited my first post, all seem ok with your parameters .

i never experimented problem with a 36V motor, may be the problem occure with 48V motors ?

If those with 48v motor could share their config !?
better ask marcoq what could be the better tittle ;)

as you r the creator of this thread, it s possible to change the tittle ...

Using also full open source firmware with lcd3 with an other bike, v 0.16, i experimented also a shut down assist, don t know why, don t thinck it was motor feature, was only one time, and no idea wat was the reason, motor speened some meters and stopped, i tried to modify some parameters, don t remenber what and after some mn all become good, i thinck it was a bug involved in soc, i was 100 % used soc ( false ) and reseted data ...
I mounted lcd03 with firmware version 0.17. all the problems are gone and the engine is fine! evidently the version of marcoq works well only on 36v engines. Marcoq is still working on a new version of his java configurator
Hi guys.
Soon I will release a new version of the java configurator that should solve the problem of engine power loss. With the new configurator it will also be possible to enable a delay time when the walk assist button is released. The "offroad" mode will be enabled by default, by programming the lights key it will be possible to enable the "normal" mode and possibly set the speed and power limits. :)
marcoq said:
Hi guys.
Soon I will release a new version of the java configurator that should solve the problem of engine power loss. With the new configurator it will also be possible to enable a delay time when the walk assist button is released. The "offroad" mode will be enabled by default, by programming the lights key it will be possible to enable the "normal" mode and possibly set the speed and power limits. :)
It sounds fantastic, thanks marcoq.

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I put here the link to the marcoq project in Github. All users that want to check the software with TSDZ2 MOTOR. Maybe this post will be locate at 1st place here.


This project is based on the TSDZ2-Smart-EBike repository, but is also compatible with the original VLCD6 display (it should also work with VLCD5 and HX18).
  • The walk assist function has been implemented and it works with 5 level of assistance.
    Implemented Java user interface (TDSZ2 Configurator), useful to configure many parameters of program memory and data memory (eeprom) of the controller.
  • The TDSZ2 Configurator run with JRE runtime.... so it must be installed!
  • The SDCC compiler must be installed!
  • Using TDSZ2 Configurator you can enable the use of both type of display KT-LCD3 and VLCD6 (compatible also VLCD5 and XH18).
  • The light-gray fields of the TSDZ2 Configurator are reserved for "expert users".
  • Using TDSZ2 Configurator you can save configuration files (.ini) and move them from experimental settings folder to proven settings.
  • by clicking the "help" button, a pdf document will open. It contains information regarding the user interface parameters and addresses related to eeprom memory

Marcoq uses this italian forum to publicate info, The beta version 0.13 is located here.


Hi guys.
I released the M0.16.C version of the Controller and the Beta version 0.1.4 of the Java Configurator.
The power loss bug has been fixed, other minor bugs have been fixed. I added a delay time to the walk assist function which works as a debounce when the walk assist button is released. This function can only be activated if the brake sensors are enabled.
Now you just have to do your experiments!
Ciao. :D :D :D

Marcoq said that there is a small bug ... or rather two in the new java interface

  • Walk Assist Off Delay PWM (100%) is wrong write because the parameter is in seconds (0 ... 25.5sec) so you have to change it in Walk Assist Off Delay (Max 25.5sec).
  • During the compilation in the .ini file saved a zero is added immediately after the parameter mentioned above (Walk Assist Off Delay PWM (100%), It's enought to edit the .ini file create (folder "experimental settings") and delete the zero to solve the problem. Otherwise you can not use the .ini file to program the engine.

marcoq remember us that in order to program the engine with the interface, it is not necessary to cancel the eeprom (DATA MEMORY).

As soon as possible marcoq will release a new version of the configurator with these fixed bug.
I have just fitted a TSDZ2 48v 750w motor VLCD5 (no throttle) to my bike and my battery is 13s4p 13.8ah. I don't have an LCD3 just yet but I would like to try this version out if it would work on my version of motor, however, I am not totally sure what the settings would need to be changed to. Does anyone else have a similar setup and what settings do you have?

Perhaps a simple description of what parameters are best for each version of motor (and battery if possible) could be put on the GitHub repo to assist people new to the world of ebikes like myself. Great job by everyone involved the motor really has made a difference to my commute and I would love to be able to tune it up better using the firmware developed for both VLCD5 and LCD3. Thanks.
Hi All, my first post on here, grateful for any help and advice.

About 3 months ago I converted my Carrera Kraken to TSDZ2 36v 350w using 36v 13ah battery and a few weeks ago did the same to my wife's Giant Sedona ladies bike, using 5ah battery to fit between frame tubes so as not to compromise the step-through frame.

Having read about the Opensource Firmware I decided to try this Vlcd5 version as it looked like it would provide substantial improvement from stock firmware with some options for customisation, but would be any easy step without needing to go for the "more complex" KT-LCD3 option. Personally, I am not too bothered about the more advanced features and display and I do not think I will need to change parameters while riding (but I guess my view on this may change?). I think I will be happy to make changes via stLink or a configerator once I am back in my garage.

Flashed my motor this morning with latest Gmarco Hex file "TDSZ2_Controller_vM0.16.C.hex", took it for a spin and immediately felt a difference, smoother power application :thumb: , better torque? (I have no way of measuring but feels stronger) :thumb: and quieter motor! :thumb: . So brilliant!!

Many thanks and much appreciation to Gmarco, Casainho and all others that have supported this brilliant work :bigthumb:

I have flashed wife's motor this afternoon but am having the following problem.

The motor works very well, same as mine, with smooth power assistance, but once I get to 13.5mph the assistance stops and the motor feels like a brake, peddling harder feels like I have the brakes on and it is difficult to get above 15/16mph. If I slow down the assistance comes back. I checked speed limit setting from VLCD5 and it is "35" (my system set to mph but not sure what units "35" is from this screen?) I have tried setting speed limit to "off" but it makes no difference.

I have checked the Data Memory file from both motors and they look to be the same.

Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this?

Thank you in anticipation of your help.

Yes, both using VLCD5 and mph selected.

I will read the Data map files that you sent to me.

Thank you :thumb:
Do you know of a document that explains the values that can be used for each Data Memory item and how to calculate?

Sorry, but I am new to programing.
here is the doc marcoq gave us to modify data memory .
some value are decimal, other hexadecimal ( must us a link like : http://sebastienguillon.com/test/javascript/convertisseur.html to convert if you don t know )
especialy assist level are hexadecimal ...
here is the link in the open source tread where marcoq gave this text : https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=93818&start=1425#p1432926
here is the link when he explained " how to " : https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=93818&start=1400#p1432873

in my google drive all ancient prog and explanations if needed, as for now gift hub has changed i thinck it s not possible to find original archive ( may be in an other place !? ) all are in my google doc, all in the compressed file if needed .