Was bound to happen?

He was old, very ill, with no hope of release, and tortured by solitary confinement. I can't disrespect his decision. We know he had resolve, even if his values were too far ahead of ours for most to agree with. John Brown was a bad guy too, in his time. But he was right.

We had a much, much worse man than Kaczynski in the country's highest office. Not a coincidence.
I'm not sure you can clump slavery with technology. At this point in H.S. lifeline I think we need some tech in order to feed everyone. However I agree that that might not have been the best road to go down. It's just that I'm not ready for the only alternative (with the exception of enforced birth control.)
I am surprised there has been no mention here regarding the Titan minisub disaster ?
Pretty much a classic “bound to happen” situation considering how they were pushing the boundaries.
Thankfully, we are told they never would have been aware of anything…all over in microseconds…too quick for the brain to even register any change, let alone pain.
However, some are suggesting that the 400 bar (6000psi) hydraulic implosion would have compressed the air inside adiabatically to raise the temperature to several thousand degrees as well as compressing human flesh to a cooked paste….instantaneously !😳😱🤭
Another totally predicable (bound to happen) event..
…Hail at a solar farm !
Wow, that's almost as big a problem as a tsunami striking a nuclear plant!

Wait... no it isn't.

Here's a more common weather event causing a bigger problem too:
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Here's a more common weather event causing a bigger problem too:
…? A bigger problem ..?
” ..concerned over potential environmental and health effects..”
since when is “concern over potential effects,”…. a bigger problem than losing your electricity supply..?
( ah!, but of course,…there would have been a “back up” generation option, because solar is unreliable anyway 👍🙄)
Maybe it's a speed limiter; cutting their speeds in half would probably double their range, for the average car/truck/etc. ;)
Air conditioning and benevolent climates soften us up for real adverse conditions. Where I am, it's gone above 100F (actual, with much higher heat index) for more days in a row than I can remember. But I get out in it for long periods almost every day, and it's okay. Tiresome but okay.

Hand my conditions to a bunch of Chicagoans or San Franciscans, and some of them die. It's just a matter of physical conditioning until the wet bulb temperature exceeds what our bodies can tolerate.