[$29 plus shipping USA BASED] 36v 12.8aH 460wH (lg18650mh1 3200mAh cells) ~3.5 year Jump Bike old battery

Jul 26, 2022
Los Angeles
We received about 25 old Jump Bike Batteries that were being sold everywhere at some point.

The bms is locked, but there are adapters you can buy for them. Jehu Garcia had multiple videos about these batteries.
They are also very easy to harvest for cells, and the cells are very good for the price ( LG 18650 MH1 3200mAh)

The batteries are relatively old, about 3 years or so. They were regularly charged while in storage, but degradation is expected.

Full description of all possible details:
Price: $29
Voltage: 36v (Max voltage - 42v Min voltage 30v)
Capacity: 12800mAh 460wH
Discharge rate: 40a continuous 60a peak
Wattage output: 460w continuous 700w peak
Charge rate: 2a
Charge voltage: 42vdc
Charge time: 4-6 hours
Condition: Lightly used, less than 40 cycles (tested with capacity tester)
Manufacturer: Cells by LG, battery by SCUD
Enclosure: Metal
Weight: 4.8lbs.
Dimensions: 16 inches by 3 inches by 1.6 inches
Cell holders: custom 40 cell holder, sturdy plastic
Connector: proprietary custom connector
BMS: Custom but locked. Can be uninstalled and replaced by a standard bms. There are ways to use the bms with a dongle that can be bought online, link can be provided upon request. It's cheaper to install your own bms. Can be installed by us for extra charge
Cycle life: ~800-1000 cycles of gentle use, 500-700 if used regularly
Amount of cells: 40
Configuration: 10 series 4 paralel
Cell manufacturer: lg
Cell model: lg18650mh1
Cell size: 18650
Cell chemistry: Lithium-Ion
Cell capacity: 3200mAh
Cell connection: 0.2mm pure nickel strips
Storage temperature: -15 ~ +35 ℃, humidity: 45-75%,
Operating temperature: Discharging 0-60 ℃; Charging 0-45 ℃;

Additional details:
Does not come with a charger.


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Please quote me for a shipment of 2 of these to 19426 Collegeville Pa? Thank you!