Don’t recharge just replace


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Sep 30, 2023
Don’t recharge just replace

When you go to fill your tank with gas, it may take 5 minutes.

To recharge your EV it takes maybe an hour while you sit and wait.

There is a much faster way to charge your EV, instead of sitting and waiting, why not just exchange your discharged battery with a charged one?

You drive up to a battery exchange site, much like a gas station today only it is more like a car drive though wash where you drive your car between two rails until the red light flashed to stop. A mechanical arm reaches up, removing your discharged battery, replacing your discharged one with a charged one. Your used battery is checked, and you are given credit for any remaining charge still in the battery.

The turn around time maybe five minutes

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Another way would be a cell design with liquid anode and cathode.
Vehicle would have 4 tanks, for fresh anode, fresh cathode, depleted anode, depleted cathode.
A stop at the "filling station" would entail pumping fresh liquids in, and depleted out.
The problem is every ev has a different shaped/size of battery often in the same model you have different sized batteries. So if you served Tesla, GM, Ford, Smart,Fiat, Kia, BMW you would have Tesla model S 3 diffferent kWh sizes?, model y,x, plaid, Model 3 (18650,21700,4680,LFP prismatic based battery) GM bolt, hummer,etc.,ford Mache LG, Lightening Sk, Smart Tesla, SK?, Fiat Samsung , kia Sk, BMW Samsung . Even if you just serviced Teslas you have multiple 18650 based pack,multiple packs in the other formats too.
The logistic would be mind numbing.The cars would have to be made with easy removable battery pack.
Removable battery packs aren't a new thing. 1943 Madrid taxis Of course They all had the same voltage and shape /size of battery.
Later floyd
Solution--- stander sized batteries
Good luck with that. That's how all our bikes got equipped with ISIS cranks and IS disc brakes, right? ("IS" in both cases meaning "international standard".)

Oh wait, no they didn't.

These are blinkered capitalists we're talking about. They won't standardize on anything if they think there might be an extra nickel in screwing over the whole agreement.
NIO has around 1500 battery swap stations for their cars in China. It’s working very well over there for that specific economic/social use case but hasn’t spread beyond those borders.

Personally, I just took a road trip in an ‘average’ EV (LFP model 3) and faster charging would not have improved anything for me. As it is it’s barely enough time to get a coffee and snack.
This has been tried many times.
And failed every time.

I don't like the 'you will own nothing and be happy' factor personally, lemme own my battery, i'll take some inconvenience in exchange.
Solution--- stander sized batteries
I remember when they introduced USB sockets and said it would be a global standard..... And was for about five minutes. then came USB B and USB C, and the plug part was something specifically intended to be simple and standard. To standardise phone changers. So I dont think it will ever happen, and as vehicles are different size and shape, there is at least good reason why batteries might need to be different size and shapes.