High quality 48v 17Ah batteries for DIY ebike builders (EU)


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Feb 9, 2023
Bulgaria (EU)
If you don't want to invest the time, money, hassle and risk in learning to build your own pack, but can't trust those uncertain batteries on aliexpress/ebay etc - this is probably the best choice you can do

Unique parallel/series configuration for maximum efficiency under load, pure nickel only, welded using proper pneumatic capacitor based spot welder, very high level of safety using multiple layers of insulation, temperature limits and a lot more small details.

No nonsense pinched wires, weak connections, low quality factory-dead BMS, fake cells, lack of insulation, loose components and other high risk factors found on imported batteries.


Main specs:

  • 48v, 17Ah achieved with Samsung 35E cells (800Wh+)
  • Nominal discharge: 30A, Peak discharge: 45A (Suitable for controllers with maximum current of 45A - 2000W)
  • Low level on/off switch - enables or disables the BMS output
  • Charge time - up to 4.5 hours with the provided charger (4A). It can be reduced to 2-2.5 hours with a charger of up to 8A
  • Operating Discharge temperature: -20 - 45°C (air temperature)
  • Operating Charge temperature: 1 - 45°C using 4A charger or 1-40°C using 8A charger
  • Weight: 4.3 kg
  • Output connector can be XT60, XT90 anti-spark or Anderson Powerpole

Hailong SSE-077 case - having experience with all of them this is the most optimal in terms of size, rigidity mounted on bicycle frame and overall versatility. We use the 4 pin (old style) connector as the new 5 pin one has issues in the long run. We recommend mounting the plate with rivet nuts as usually the factory water bottle location doesn't fit well. Mounting it upside-down is prohibited!

We also make other types of batteries and custom packs - if you would like more details or ask for a quote, please let me know below or send me a PM

Pure 0.15mm Nickel + Minimum of 5 series strip connection between the parallel groups!

That is roughly 7.5 sq mm of nickel caring the amp load which makes the battery pack very efficient and long term reliable - the connections don't add up to almost no heat build up allowing the pack to perform at it's best possible. All load caring conductors and connections have been tested individually to validate they will not generate noticeable heat even above the load in the provided specs.

Minimum of 3 insulation layers of different materials between points of potential voltage difference.

Including hi temp silicone wire insulation, fish paper, polyamide tape, etc. This is likely the most important and very neglected by most Chinese manufacturers. Redundancy in safety of li-ion pack is crucial and absolutely a must within our standards.

The high quality BMS used in our packs can make you rest assured that it will actually cover all safety requirements - Balance, Overcharge, Overcurrent, Short circuit, Overvoltage, Over discharge, Reverse polarity and temperature protections in high level of accuracy and reaction speed.

USB port is not utilized in our batteries as its board position doesn't suit our safety standards.

The battery comes with:
  • 4A charger - around 4.5 hours to full charge from empty
    Mounting rail/plate with cable length and connector of choice
    2 keys
    3 stainless steel M5 crews

We provide 1 year full warranty with no limit for the number of cycles. We would even assist after that period if there is inadequate behaviour or unsatisfactory performance of the battery pack that is not caused by improper usage.

Warning! - Li-ion batteries can be dangerous and cause explosions and fire if mishandled! Please use only within working specifications and provide for inspection if physicals damage or unusual behaviour have occurred.

Price: 495€ with charger, 460€ without - accepting paypal or bank transfer

Shipping within EU will cost in the range of 20-50 Euro depending on your location with DPD or GLS

We are ebike workshop based in Bulgaria since 2017 and quickly became the leader in quality service, batteries, components and everything related to custom electric bikes as our main fuel is passion.
Looks like a very clean pack. I like the “Trust us” warning on the BMS. :)

Also, what cells are those that have the vape warning?
slaphappygamer said:
Looks like a very clean pack. I like the “Trust us” warning on the BMS. :)

Also, what cells are those that have the vape warning?

The BMS is very accurate with higher grade components and tighter tolerances than what you can usually find, but it's coming from Chinese supplier after all :D
Cells are genuine Samsung 35E