Lost noob, where can I read up on this stuff?


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Jan 23, 2024
I currently have a Cube Hyde Race (with belt). As far as I can read, it's probably not going to be super-easy to fit a mid- or rear-drive to this bicycle. I can usually get up to 40 kph without problems on a flat road and my average speed is 30 kph. However, since my daily commute is long, I'd like to have just a tiny push from an electric motor. So I am going for a front-hub motor, which I know is not ideal (and I don't like it either), but since I don't want a high-powered motor, I think it'll be ok. I want it to be as legal as possible; in Denmark this means 25 kph, pedal-assist and max. 250W. The 25 kph is a no-go, but the two others should be fitted.

Now my question: There are so many controllers, hubs, Hall-effect, sensor-less, batteries, conntor-sizes, etc out there... Is there a definitive guide somewhere?

Looking a boxbike.dk (one of the very few danish sites where you can actually buy some of this stuff) I would prefer a kit where everything is included such as e.g. Elcykel kit - Byg din egen elcykel med dette kit. 1-2-3 så er du klar!

However, I'd like more speed (yet no more than 250 W power), and since the controller that goes with that kit is 36V I am assuming that the max speed is probably not much above 25 kph. So I would probably need a 48V controller, which afaik should not be a problem with a 36V motor, as long as the power is kept below the 250W. Which means that I probably need to buy a programming cable and get some SW, which is OK. But again: I think I need some general pointers... :)

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The kit you linked is a good option. It comes with a KT controller and display, which provides some flexibility and ability to set the max output via the screen menu. It’s a good system for a newbie, and shouldn’t create too many complications. It’s not a lot of power but I still suggest that you install a tight fitting torque arm.