My EBike Build Thread starting with a Padova Challenger frame, or so it said....

Feb 18, 2023
I've never heard of it, it was probably rare, but i stripped it and painted it one of my favorite shades of green, stuck a 52v 20ah battery on it with a 1500 watt direct drive rear hub, and i am currently sitting with a new fork, handlebars, stem, grips, and am waiting for some tools , a front hub motor and rim, hydraulic disc brakes, and a shnazzy oil slicked out chain and probably matching pedals, and new rubber, then i can officially call the project done, but for now its a work in progress....

I might try to wire the front geared motor in a delta configuration and only use it when im already going a bit... we shall see how that goes, ill need another controller and probably seperate power for it to avoid sag issues...or maybe not, the u004 is a good solid battery for this configuration it hasnt even gotten low enough to break it in... anyways, here are some pictures, and yes.. that is a potato cannon....

I love the geometry of the frame. I had to modify the triangle battery strap holders to fit and also bolt it together so even without the straps its tightly installed and waterproofed with silicone and soon some of this jelly tape i ordered for the buttons. and once i put the forks on and the 27.5-29" wheel on the front it will sit just right. oh yeah i will also lose the ducktape saddle for something with a thud buster or bump absorbing seat....

i also slotted the rear dropouts to properly accomidate the washer with the hook on it, I didnt think it was necessary for a torque arm with this configuration, I don't see it being necessary until i put more power to the rear motor.... there is no display, and no need to unlock this particular plain af controller either, less irrelevant parts to break or maintain.... i will probably put lights on by the winter, as i travel before dawn for half the week.

will it be worth wiring the front hub motor like i had described, has anyone done that? any suggestions?

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Torque arms!

I would never not recommend them to anyone else either!

, im going to install a pair or make a pair that bolts right to the holes in the frame as soon as i put the disc brakes on because thats gonna put way more torque on the frame, for `1500 watts i was a little dissapointed but its still got plenty of power for a skinny bike! more pictures on tuesday, hopefully my front motor will be almost here by then as well!
tomorrow I am going to update with new pictures, and also answer the question... what it takes to make a shimano

SL-TX30 7 speed shifter and cassette to WORK with a microshift advent 9 speed derailleur with clutch. I am thinking a certain amount of shims where the cable is secured to make the arm about 5mm longer should probably work pretty flawlessly IMHO, but we will experiment and upload pictures tomorrow AFTER i order the front motor ;) I am also using it with a 3 speed front derailleur system with big chainwheels that aren't varied a lot.... two words ... ITS ALIVE!!!! the FRANKENBIKE is going great, and its mine... all mine.... I seriously doubt anyone would want to buy it when all is said and done, Because Its got things that I love and want that are obsolete in the bike world, and I hacked it with all the coolest budget parts and didnt break the wallet for new stuff either... that being said, I am not going to sell it.

I would like to not pedal air at terminal motor velocity so i went with the bigger 53tooth oval chainwheel and played frisbee with the 34 tooth climbing gear in the front to get the desired effect. My next personal bike build will definitely be a modded bafang BBSHD mid drive for sure, but probably not for a while after I enjoy the fruits of this labor! I hope someone likes it, but if not, thats fine by me I love it and regardless this site has been my driving force and inspiration to spend some time constructively. I have to build a welder and or acquire one before I can continue on those bumper karts, but I have always wanted to learn how to weld anyways so I digress! maybe someone can recommend a better camera, my phone is only so good, but to zoom in and see blurr kinda irritates me too...

Have a blessed day,​

Congrats on your build! Frame painting is quite a feat and I’m glad you love the way the bike looks.

+1 suggestion to mount a pair of well fitting torque arms before moving on.