Risunmotor Sabvoton 72100 Controller Temperature Settings


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Feb 13, 2023
Hi all

I have come across a problem with my controller when I try to set temperature settings using the MQCON app and they won’t save.

I also only have one set of temperature configurable settings on the app for my iPad, Teranovo version.

I have seen some screenshots of two sets, one for the controller and one for the motor. Maybe they are pc or android versions? Mine doesn’t say which of the two I have, so I’m guessing it’s for the controller.

I have tried the following:

Temperature setting
Stop Output Temperature (C) 90
Recover Output Temperature (C) 80
Current Limiting Output Temperature (C) 70

But when I save then switch everything off and back on again all three values revert to zero.

I can change and save other parameters ok, for example I can change my ebrake current from 50 amps to 30 amps and the new setting saves ok.

So I’m trying to figure out if my Risun controller temperature is not user configurable and its factory set.

My motor also has a temperature sensor which is wired to the controller through the hall sensor connector. But I have no way of setting this up on the app either.

Does anyone have any insight into how the motor and controller temperature monitoring works on the Risun version of the Sabvaton controller, or if it works at all?

I am considering fitting an external temperature meter so I can actually see the controller temperature. My controller is enclosed in a box so I’m concerned that it will get hot and I don’t want it to overheat and damage it.

I have this in mind, with the probe clamped to the heat sink. DC-12V LED Digital Thermometer Temp Sensor Meter NTC Probe -50 ~ 110??C Detector | eBay or may a slightly more sophisticated one with a relay output so I can set the maximum temperature at 90C and cut the motor via the brake switch input to the controller.

The parameters screen shows controller temperature at 25C and motor temperature at 1C without running the motor, so fully cooled down. These are clearly wrong because my bike is parked in my garage hasn’t been used overnight and the thermometer on the garage wall says 10C.

I have attached a couple of screenshots.

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I only have only found two choices of apps for my iPad in the apps store, and only the Teranova (left in the screenshot) app works. The MZ-MQCON (right in the screenshot) app doesn't connect.

The Teranovo (left) is version 1.4 and was last revised about 3 years ago.

The MZ is version (right) 1.4.1 and was last revised 11 months ago.

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I haven’t verified what temperature sensors are in the motor or controller. I was hoping it was all compatible as it came as a kit.

The resistance between white and black on the motor hall connector is 900 ohms at ambient temperature which is currently 10C, so that points towards a KTY83-122.

This is the kit:
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Well we can forget about motor temperature because I just noticed that although I have one white wire on one hall connector from the motor and a transparent wire on the spare and both measure 900 ohms at 10C, there is no wire coming out of the connector wired directly into the controller. So my motor temperature isn’t being monitored by the controller. Unless it’s by telepathy.

At this time I am not willing to trust the controller has a high temperature cut off either, so it looks like manual monitoring and control is a safer bet for both of these parameters.

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This could be the answer. Using the ST3012 dual temperature controller and setting both outputs to trip the low brake at 90C, or maybe set the motor a bit higher at 100C.

I would have to fit an NTC 10K sensor in the motor, but that will be easy enough and I could use the white and transparent wires to connect it to the ST3012 because they aren’t doing anything useful at the moment. The controller would be easier, just need to bolt a sensor to the heat sink.

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I bought one and set it all up on my bike today with the controller temperature set at 70C and motor at 90C.

I fitted NTC 10k temperature sensors inside both the controller and motor and the temperature readings are nice and stable.

I notice that QS specify a maximum working temperature of 70C and a peak temperature of 120C for the QS205.

It does have an inbuilt alarm but I used the relay outputs and installed an external 12v piezo buzzer which is a bit louder.

The display is difficult to read in bright sunlight, but we don’t get much of that in the UK.

I decided not to use the relays to trigger my brake inputs on the controller because I don’t want the bike to shut down on its own if I get an over temperature warning.

I would rather bring it to a controlled stop.

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