TIG torch for battery spot welding

Since there hasnt been an update in a while just wanted to let people know I found this from Amada. waiting to hear back from the local rep but looks like it is around $400 https://www.amadaweldtech.eu/products/micro-tig-welding/micro-arc-welding-torch-macgregor/tr-t0016a-touch-retract-welding-torch
Any updates on this project or is it dead dead? I have a tig setup that's appropriate for micropulse use but I'm not sure if this will work for pouch cell tabs... Regardless I'm interested to know where the development on the torch ended up.

I've seen people spot welding with the blunt end of tungstens and short pulse at high amp. Perhaps I'll just have to sacrifice some cells to testing.
The Amada torch was promising but like someone said the torch only works with their supply and its 15k or something like that. This Kartoon guy is pushing a new product now and wont respond about the tig torch at all.