What's inside of Chevy volt 48v module (spec on pouch cell)


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Jan 27, 2014
Sacramento, CA
Hey all,

I was planning to take apart Nissan Leaf module (7.8v 60Ah, 2S2P) to harvest 4 pouch cells from each module but now thinking about chevy volt modules.

Can some one tell me what kind of pouch cells are there in Chevy 48V 45Ah module ? With Nissan Leaf 60Ah (so 30Ah each in parallel) makes sense but with Chevy 45Ah , is it one pouch cell or 3 15Ah in parallel ?

Has any one taken apart Chevy volt 48V module to see what's in side ?

Just in case someone else reaches to this thread looking for the same info ..

Each Chevy volt module has 3 parallel of 15Ah pouch cells so you get 45Ah total.

To get the pouches out you have to break the plastic weld and cut cell tabs that are welded together.

If you compare it to leaf module, each Nissan leaf module has four pouch cells in it and each is 30Ah.