Bicycle Chain: Stupid Questions


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Apr 8, 2014
Houston, Texas
As I have primary ridden rear IGH hub bicycles, I have always used a standard 1/8x1/2 inch chain. Now I am looking at the 48 sprocket for the BBS02B and the hyper glide 8 speed cassette.

The existing chain measures 7.11 mm outside the wide links and 2.31 mm inside the narrow links.
The existing front sprocket teeth measures 2.30 mm thick.
The bottom of the BBS02B 48 tooth sprocket teeth measures 2.49 mm thick.

Gusset Double Six Convertor that I ordered:
The supplied 12t cog is suitable for narrow 5/64' (9 speed) chains.
For inner chain width there are the following standard dimensions:

Single speed chains have inner width of 1/8″ (3.175 mm).
Multi speed chains, from 5 to 8 have inner width of 3/32″ (2.38 mm).
Multi speed chains from 9 to 12 speeds have inner width of 11/128″ (2.18 mm).
“Exotic” standard for freight bicycles is 5/32″ (4 mm).
Stupid Questions:
1. For the BBS02B should one be running a 3/32 inch chain?
2. Is it acceptable to use 1/8 inch chain with the BBS02B and the 5/64 single speed rear sprocket ?
.... (put in other terms: Does it really matter what chain width is used)
3. Why are ALL half-link chains 1/8 inch ?
ebuilder said:
But single speed Bafang mid drives hamper rider participation in pedaling because pedal spindle RPM goes well above a cadence of 90 at high speeds. Plus, they don't climb hills as well.
Your choice of course. I wouldn't.
Well as I have a bumb left leg, pedaling does not really enter the equation. Once around the parking lot would leave me withering on ground crying in pain. Fortunately the hills we have in Houston are Freeway/Tollway overpasses and bicycles are not allowed on those :shock:
ebuilder said:
If you wish, you could turn your BBS02 ebike into a 40 mph ebike with a field weakening controller and 52v battery with a 50a BMS. Only a consideration if you like speed.
Thank you but I am shooting for 25MPH on 20x2.25 tires which is the reason for the 12 tooth rear cog.
See my build thread (work in progress).
I might consider a external controller later but at the moment KISS and reliability are the main drivers.

The real question here is 3/32 verse 1/8 chain ... with a single speed setup is there any significant reason not to run 1/8 (because that would allow one to use a half-link chain).
As long as the chainrings and sprockets you are using are thick enough to work correctly with the thicker chain, there's no reason not to use it that I can think of. If the sprockets are thin for thinner chain, you might have alignment issues (I once used thin sprockets and BMX chain and had some problems with the chain climbing up the sprockets, but it could've been caused by other problems I also had at the time).

I don't know for sure, not having used one, but I think the half link chains are not as "flexible" sideways so they don't work as well with derailers, etc., and that's probably why they're only in 1/8" (singlespeed/BMX) chains. I'm pretty sure there is a thread around here that Chalo discussed that in, but I couldnt' find it in a minute's poking around.
Look for :
KMC Kool Knight half-link chain.
Haro Baseline half-link Chain
Both are geared towards BMX or stunt bike use.
Voltron said:
I don't want to be a naysayer, but you're going to be working the motor really hard with not having gears.
Maybe ... I am only about 135 pounds (9-1/2 stones) and have no hills to deal with. So I am going to give it a shot. One can always install a different cog.Speed.png
If an 1/8" wide chainring is desired a way to do it would be with a adapter.
Usually, these adapters are used for a double chainring but could be used to mount a BMX single chainring.
There are several adapter on the market ... here is just one :

Regarding the parts and approach LewToo is headed with the gear system ... it can be changed to a cassette and derailleur easily.
Reprogramming the controller to be able to control throttle pick up in all assist levels might be a help with the single speed approach.
PaPaSteve said:
Regarding the parts and approach LewToo is headed with the gear system ... it can be changed to a cassette and derailleur easily.
"There is more than one way to skin a rabid cat" but nearly all of them start with a deceased feline.
I think that I would be more inclined to lace an IGH into a Sun-Ringle Big-baller rim.
LewTwo said:
3. Why are ALL half-link chains 1/8 inch ?
3/32 Half-link chain

The embarrassing thing is that this is the same chain that I used on the 'weight wennie' bike ....
senility has firmly set it :oops:
I’ve only seen and used the 1/8 chain. For a single-speed or IGH hub built up on a frame with vertical drop-outs that 3/32 chain would be really useful … thanks for the link!