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How do u run a 350w hub at 500 or more watts(anyone who has commented on this thread please read the newest post to gain a better perspective)

So I found this the other day three different packs they're all in the 30 something volt range they're all put together in a in a unit and I want to know do you think it would be 36 or 48 volt and what they might have came off of17118433932567226200817431659808.jpg17118434510718705229213492001072.jpg
How did you acquire these?
I understand that but how would I go that up 2 a ebike controller
Connect the black wire to the black wire from connector 12 of the controller.
Connect the red wire to the orange wire (electric door lock) from connector 12 of the controller.
Connect or disconnect the jumper to match the voltage of your battery.
I see a large part no. tag on the orange-wrapped wire bundle. Does a search turn up anything from that?
Los Angeles baby found them on the side of the street
Maybe these are standby batteries out of stolen EV vehicles?

The batteries were cut out to shut off all tracking and beacons in the vehicles, then they were put in crates and shipped overseas? That's my best guess. :mrgreen:
if you have an android phone, take images and do a search with the lens app
Why does everybody respond to me like I'm a frocking idiot or something I've already done every single thing that I can do and think of I know it belongs to an EV hybrid vehicle could possibly be a Toyota could possibly be a Nissan but all I care about is can someone tell me do they think it's a 36 or a 48
Why does everybody respond to me like I'm a frocking idiot or something I've already done every single thing that I can do and think of I know it belongs to an EV hybrid vehicle could possibly be a Toyota could possibly be a Nissan but all I care about is can someone tell me do they think it's a 36 or a 48
A multimeter could tell you that. I see you checked voltage on the main + and - terminals to get 34.7v. But if you use a multimeter on what looks like the balance leads off the other cables, you could see individual cell voltages to give you a better idea. Plus, counting cells/number of balance wires.
20240328_111416.jpgso these are I believe 36v lithium batteries they could possibly be 48 they're down around 37 volts each it is a three pack of a battery to make one battery and I want to know would this work has your high capacity batteries you guys are telling me to get this thing would probably run forever on one of these
You are asking questions, so you are somewhat open to hearing information.

The pictures you show suggest you are keeping your scooter where you sleep. You are also playing fast and loose with the lithium cells in your batteries. It is possible you will accidentally not push the cells outside of their parameters, and possible you will learn enough soon enough to do this consciously instead of accidentally.

You may also only have high quality name-brand cells from Samsung, Panasonic, Sony. But your other comments suggest you may also just be grabbing whatever you can find, perhaps not even knowing the history of the cells you have. (This matters - a lot.)

When a lithium cell goes off, it releases a large amount of toxic gas even before it lights any flame. If that battery is by your bed when you are sleeping, you will not make it out the door, and very probably won't even last long enough to realize what is happening.

You can reply that you don't care, but I'll sleep soundly tonight because I did warn you.

Okay have you ever actually been around a lithium fire? first and foremost, because I actually have been around a lithium fire. ima going to tell you right frocking now yes, my bike is in the same room that I sleep in. and 4 the record,I'm no frocking idiot, I'm no frocking slouch, I'm no frocking lop ass frocking weirdo ifn the battery were to catch on frocking fire trust and believe me not only would i wake up, I would put the motherfucker out I'm smart enough to kno how to.alot of u r being assholes on here. ur not being very friendly. I'm coming at you guys with a very small budget and yes I am grabbing whatever the frock I can find you're correct. I'm doing the best I can okay ! Ur not very frocking nice about this shit. I'ma asking simple goddamn questions and most of u keep treating me like I'm a frocking idiot and it's really offensive honestly personally it is. so frocking what my is homemade with random thrown together shit guess what asshole the mother frocker goes down to God damn street and has been from frocking almost a year.
Sir you are an idiot ?
As I said earlier in this post get a book. Read the book ask questions after you read a book.
Here is one book.
Sorry to hear about your earlier lithium fire.

The are other books

https://www.amazon.com/DIY-Lithium-...06701/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312e ar01r4160183&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=7792328147216734782&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9031538&hvtargid=pla-323272206900&psc=1&mcid=5f1aaa43c86e36ddbefba10029ebe2ab&gclid=CjwKCAjwtqmwBhBVEiwAL-WAYejTpIAkN1_7i82o9jUvr9WdRRj9rk_QWUS-ZE6XmULkgqFqWd8b3RoCSicQAvD_BwE
Be careful
All batteries have rules you Must follow !
All batteries may have different rules that still must be followed
Follow the rules or pay the consequences.
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Ever walked up to a central hut in a small village after everyone in town was herded in and lit on fire? Everyone has a different level of thing that makes them stop and piss a little.

If someone says "hey, that looks like your bike is where you sleep, be careful, lithium fires are deadly" the proper response is to thank them for giving a flat frock that you are still breathing. Not everyone on the planet will.

The suggestion of being cautious sending you on a foul mouthed tirade speaks loudly of your soul, looks to me like it is a right untidy place.

The odds of you waking up in a room with a lithium fire is flat splat zilch. It aint about your manhood, it is about simply chemistry, that first breath of lithium fumes will be the last one you get, you will be coughing gagging and choking, your eyes will be on fire you will still be absorbing chemicals into your blood stream. This will lead to peripheral Neuropathy. Which means not only can you not breath, not see, you now can't feel the tips of your fingers and toes. It is moving inwards with every breath you take.

Human instinct lit you off like a rocket when you came off that rack. Which way is the door, do you remember, because you can't see, you can't breathe and the room is now close to 100c.

This is the start of the worst 3.5 minutes of your life. How do you know it is the worst? because there are no more after this.

As for my bona fides... I am a biochemist. I am the guy that the Dr's go to when they can't figure out what the hell they are looking at. As for that village. I was the CO of a unit that walked up smelling burnt pork. It taught me to be extremely aware of fire, I joke about it regularly but every room that has lithium batteries has a fire resistant battery charging bag and a bucket of sand. I have full face 3m face masks with double puck filters. Yep, in every room, and in my weird little house. that is 4 so far.
It costs a bit, but I started with 1 face shield, and 1 bag, and kept everything in one room my son made the mistake of pulling a charger and battery out to the garage. I explained him why you don't do it, then took him to the regional fire training facility in Pleasanton CA. (shown on Myth Busters) on "we light a lithium battery on fire" day, they showed 5 scenarios they have encountered that started a lithium battery fire. He makes sure that the safety gear is in place before we work now.

Does that make me a coward? nope, if you want to make wise ass remarks about it go ahead. I have never had a horrific fire in my own home. I used to have 2 cousins that did.

Maybe your Da failed to love you enough to respect life, and to be careful of your own. That said, the proper response to someone caring enough to give you safety advice is to respond with a thank you.
Hey OP..

This forum has been around since 2006 and we've seen hundreds of ebike fires, most of them from negligent engineering.

We've seen houses destroyed and people die. We have some old timers who are still here who are too nervous to own lithium batteries of any significant size and are waiting for them to get safer ( i feel this way myself )

We treat you like an idiot because:
1. You don't seem interested in minimizing the massive risk of a lithium fire.. if you had one before, you would be a LOT more cautious from battery trauma.

2. You think it's easy to put out a lithium fire after waking up choking to the gas that comes out before the fire. You should know it's extremely rare anyone has reported doing this. There's more people who have died from this than lived.

An idiot is defined as someone who doesn't listen to anyone's wisdom and thinks he knows better than people he has way less experience than.

I agree with @offGridDownUnder that it is better to tell someone they're being an idiot straight up vs help them them risk killing themselves. You are playing with a form of stored energy that has 0 room for error.

Please watch this video and let me know if you could really wake up ( while being choked from gas ) and stop a fire in less than a few seconds.

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I will just step back, because the next commentary I would use would be an insulting one. So far I just pointed out simple errors in the thought process.

But evidently not agreeing with the little trailer pill is to be mean and insulting. If that is how his world view is the only solution is to recycle and try again. I will let the nicer people do their bit..
And yeah if it's someone who actually cares about you and is genuinely concerned you weren't you were chatting me you were standing on your frocking soapbox you asshole
Hahaha, very funny april fools joke acting like a cursing troll and making no sense...
(or you really are as dumb as you come across...:unsure: )