kWeld - "Next level" DIY battery spot welder

I'm looking for the ability to change weld power without using the knob. I have a small CNC-board on which the k-weld is mounted and I'm welding 21700 cells. The amount of power needed is different when welding the minus pole vs the plus pole and I want to automate the "change".
that would require a firmware extension as kWeld does not have a proper automation interface. It has been requested many times, but I just never hav gotten to that :-/
kWeldPro will definitely have that - automation via USB, and also a digital input/output interface for use with CNC machines. For example, one input (to kWeldPro) is the trigger, one output is a ready signal and another output is pass/fail.
Hola How can I get the pro version of the kwed and how thick can it weld?
not yet, but we are making a first batch of 20 right now. I hope to be able to open up for preorders before Christmas. The first units will be kits, and I might have a price point in one or two weeks from now. Software will be limited when they get released, but we are and will remain working heavily on that thereafter. My plan is to reach at least kWeld status, with proper energy metering and of course capacitor voltage control.

And to your question: it has already done stress testing with full steam 13ms / 3300 ampere pulses, once every two seconds. Sock solid after 100,000 cycles :) That amount of current is definitely by far enough for 0.3mm nickel, and also solid copper sheets should be possible. But I havent been able to test many variants yet, rather concenrating on development. I'm curious to read what you guys will achieve with it.
I ordered a Kweld, but none of the recommended batteries on their website are available at Hobbyking. Can you recommend an alternative LiPo battery? Or any of these Acid batteries should work?
aarrgh, again... checking,

are shown as 'in stock' but with just a few of them. I guess I need to make more test buys soon...