48V, 1000w globalfreeshipping


100 kW
Jul 19, 2014
I just installed the subject kit on a Specialized rigid MTB. The service and response to questions from the supplier was excellent. The rear wheel with tire, tube and freewheel weighed 18 pounds, the 30 amp controller and other kit items about two pounds and the complete bike with lots of bling (Ritchey full carbon fork, titanium seatpost, titanium railed saddle, superlight front wheel with DT 240 hub, etc 38 pounds. The bike went 34 mph @ 52V on a bike stand and, so far, 30 mph on the road (175 pound rider). The speed measurements were with the supplied display, so ??? I'll do a top speed run some day, but 30 is all I'm comfortable on this bike. This was the smoothest motor I've had in eight years of building bikes for myself and others and testing scores of them.
Where can they be found?
- on any of the 2 ali's, ebay, amazon or is it just globalfreeshipping.com which I havent tried yet.

Shipping calculations can be surprising sometimes.
Look on ebay; they're a conglomerate with everything probably including the kitchen sink. Shipping was free. I reported on this because their response to my questions was immediate (within 24 hours which isn't bad since they probably came from China and articulate) and the system seems so much better than the four or five others that I've tried over the years for myself and others. The DD motor lives up to the "quiet as hell" reputation it should have. I don't know whether this means anything but their rating is 99.8%.
Like ebays accessorriess store, sinks included good one.
I was just afraid of the term globalfree would spam my search with jibberish.
I purchased two DD's from accessories; the first was grear, the second meh (very noisy), so I decided to try a different vendor; so far it has worked well.